Jul 20, 2020

Sunu Band

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Sunu Band. Obstacle detection using ultrasound.


This wrist-worn device can be used in addition to your cane or guide dog to help you to protect your body from running into obstacles.

The Sunu Band uses ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles in your way and gives haptic feedback, i.e. vibration, which will become more intense the closer you get to an object.
It works best above hip level, therefore it is not meant to substitute your cane or guide dog.

For example, the Sunu Band can detect plants or branches of a tree or signs being in your way. I considered it quite impressive that the device can detect a barrier strap spanned at about 1 meter height between to poles, which you might not be able to become aware of using your cane only.

The company also offers the Sunu app for this device to adjust some settings, The free app is available for iOS and Android.
There will more features in the future. On their website, Sunu currently announces a navigation app to come soon...

Find more information on the Sunu Website.
Also have a look at the review in Sam Seavey's video about the Sunu Band on his YoutTube channel "The Blind Life".

With USD 299, the Sunu Band device is (unfortunately) a bit pricey.
Using the Coupon Code offered in the video will give a 10% discount.