May 29, 2020

How you can trick yourself

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How easily you can trick yourself and others.

The "look around the corner"   that I always mention, can trick oneself and others. For example:


… at the optician

You may also trick an optician or ophthalmologist to a certain extent. 

I found myself (with the still better functioning eye) "automatically" looking somehow next to letter chart of the eye test, and - thanks to years of experience and exercise – albeit mainly unwittingly - recognized the letters quite well. 

I did that so well, that just a couple of years ago, an ophthalmologist told me that I could still drive a car. 

"Ha-ha", I thought. If he knew how much I really do recognize, and why I gave up driving. 

The letter charts still have a good quality - they are static and have a certain size. They don't disappear as fast as on a large poster, where suddenly some letters are missing. 

And each and every twinkle of of the eye will change the picture...


… in everyday situations

Quite a few years ago, I was in a big electric store looking around for the TV offerings. 

"Wow, how cheap are the 55" smart TVs!" 

Well, that price changed immediately, when I stepped back a few steps. I had missed the thousand’s digit on the price tag.

Only when changing the line of sight and distance, I noticed the mistake... 

What a pity. 300 Euros would have been a good bargain.










About this text

Jutta's Story texts were originally written in 2016-2017. 
Since end of 2018 I am officially legally blind.
And I am proud to be a member of the Malta Society of the Blind.